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cranes production
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Dall’Aglio Nordin company concepts, creates and projects high quality cranes with innovative and advanced design .
We produce our cranes with passion and this , brings us to make innovative and reliables truck mounted cranes.
We have a dealers network of truck mounted cranes all other the world strenght and years of experience help us to create innovative and unique cranes.



DN cranes

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Dall'Aglio the best truck crane for roof solar panels
Dall'Aglio Newcranes is proud to introduce in the market the best crane for 5 ton truck very useful for installing solar panels on buidings roof
Old Caterpillar with larghness more than 2,5m. Everything in good running order. Price € 6.000,00
DN CRANES distributors and sales agents are welcome!
Dall'Aglio Newcranes is looking for new distributors in many areas of the world. If your job is selling cranes, apply for and start working with us.
Dall'Aglio announce Program for Total Quality Product
Dall'Aglio Newcranes have started a technological program aimed to improve product quality to the highest level. This program never stops. Ten years warranty is only the first step.

DN Levat CRANESDN CRANES is a multinational company, present in Europe and America, which mission is to produce, to construct and to sell lifting equipments all other the world. We are a young and innovative company.

The company began its activity producing truck mounted cranes and soon we will add aerial platforms and timber cranes to the existing range of products.


DN CRANES created two plants dedicated to production. One is situated near Mantova and the other one is in Guadalajara, Mexico : the cranes which are produced in Europe are exactly the sames as the ones produced in America. Both companies work in synergy, from projects until sales operations.

The company is investing several million dollars to reach the main aim which is to control the whole production system, from steel works ( laser cut machinery and 1000 tn press brake , 8 meters length ) until carpentry welding.

The production system will be completed with assembling operations of pre painted pieces and final tests. The group will bring some news in the lifting field. ( cranes, truck mounted cranes and aerial platforms ) and will introduce some ideas derived from other more evaluated fields. We would like to emphasize that DN CRANES is really attempt to the service quality, that means we try to satisfy our dealers necessities and requests. post sales service is always available to solve problems all other the world. We also want to add that spare parts have to be delivery in 48 hours as a maximum ! Quality is another company aim.

Total quality is an aim the company wants to reach and maintain. The company and their suppliers know that this aim has to be reached and that it is an important growth factor.

Gru italianeCranes 100% made in Italy with hydraulic components of highest quality



All cranes with power link

Range of cranes with fly jib (ultrapower)

Remote Control Scanreco 3 years warranty unconditioned (5 years option)
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